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irons.ie delivers the best deals on commercial ironing equipment across Ireland and UK. Buying the ironing equipment your business needs is simple because of our secure and fast checkout. We keep large stocks available for immediate despatch. Delivery time for most of our products is 1 to 5 working days.

irons.ie delivering the best prices on steam irons, electric steam boilers and vacuum ironing tables

Dormer Ireland Limited delivers irons.ie. Since 1990 we have been supplying laundry and dry cleaning products across Ireland and UK. We understand that our customers need reliable ironing equipment at the best prices. As a result this is why we sell high quality irons, boilers and tables from Lelit.

Dormer are experts in commercial ironing delivering the best ironing equipment to a large number of customers across Ireland and UK
Delivering the best deals on ironing equipment to satisfied customers across Ireland and UK 


Commercial Ironing Equipment from Lelit

Lelit manufacture a wide range of high quality commercial ironing equipment. They have produced commercial steam irons, electric steam boilers and vacuum heated ironing tables in Italy for over 25 years.

Commercial ironing equipment from Lelit
The leading manufacturer of commercial ironing equipment for over 25 years

Ironing services, launderettes and dry cleaners choose Lelit ironing equipment because it delivers flawless ironing results. They also rely on it to do hours of ironing each day because they are stylish and robust machines. Moreover, Lelit commercial ironing equipment from irons.ie is very good value for money.

Commercial Steam Irons

Lelit steam irons provide a powerful jet of steam and this makes it easy to get flawless ironing results. The patented design with special holes in the tip of the iron targets steam to just where you need it. Use Lelit irons for hours of ironing as a result of their balanced weight and comfortable cork handle.

Electric Steam Boilers

Lelit produce a wide range of electric steam boilers with steam capacity including 2.5, 5 and 9 litre. They also make semi-automatic water boilers to feed two steam irons. Lelit make their steam boilers from long lasting stainless steel. They are also available with an iron. Therefore, we have the right electric steam generator that you need to power your ironing.

Vacuum Heated Ironing Tables

Lelit make a wide range of ironing tables. The vacuum and heated functions make it easier to iron out creases. Finishing tables with a blowing option to blow out creases are also available. Lelit also produce ironing tables with the option of built in electric steam boilers.

Commercial Ironing Equipment Showroom and Experienced Engineers

We employ experienced engineers trained to repair Lelit commercial ironing equipment.

We also have a fully kitted out showroom in Castlebellingham, Co. Louth, Ireland. Located between Dublin and Belfast and just 5 minutes from Junction 15 of the M1. Call in to us to see our wide range of commercial ironing equipment. Also visit our Contact Us page for our phone number and email address.

Smallwares Group

irons.ie and Dormer are brands of the Smallwares Group. Established in 1936, the Smallwares Group are market leaders in injection moulding and the distribution of laundry and cleaning products. Brands also include Smallwares injectionmoulding.ie, Dormer.ie, Laundry Machines Ireland, hangers.ie and Garment Processing.ie

The Smallwares Group Head Office is in Castlebellingham, Co. Louth, Ireland.

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Buying from irons.ie is simple with our fast and secure checkout. Pay by bank transfer, PayPal or credit card.

Dormer (Ireland) Limited delivers irons.ie. We have  supplied customers across Ireland and UK for over 25 years. Our many customers include dry cleaners, launderettes, ironing services, hotels, restaurants, nursing homes and B&B’s.

FREE delivery to customers in Ireland and the UK on all orders over €95 (or Sterling equivalent). It is easy to pay online at irons.ie because we accept payment by bank transfer, credit card and PayPal. Dormer Ireland Limited is a registered company in the Republic of Ireland. Therefore, we do not charge VAT if you enter a UK VAT number on the checkout page.

In addition we sell wire hangers, polythene garment covers and packaging items! Looking for commercial laundry machines? Please visit Laundry Machines Ireland to see our wide range of commercial washing machines and tumble dryers.

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